the blog project

My roommates conspired against me. They (oh, fine – unconsciously) exploited their knowledge of my love for them, my love for food, my love for photography, and my love for writing to convince me that keeping a blog would be a fun, clever way to spend my time.

Of course, the problem with this semester is I don’t have any time. Still and all, I do enjoy writing; I do enjoy food; I do enjoy photography; and I do love my friends – and thus the blog project was born. One girl, three roommates, a room number to match the year, and a challenge: somehow, somewhere, somewhen – between the rushingtoclass madness, the rushingfromclass madness, the cooking and the grocery shopping and the washing up and the homework and the books and the occasional room decorating spree – I will try to make this worth reading for somebody, somewhere, somewhen.

My name is Connor. Welcome to the Blog Project.

the room number that matches the year

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