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Once upon a time, a very good English teacher taught her class about fiction and non-fiction. Some things, she said, are true. Some things, on the other hand, are not. One of her students thought this remarkably simple and very wise; she especially liked saying the facts and the fictitious, liked the way the words tumbled off her tongue and skipped away into the sunset. She gathered them up and took them home with her, saving them for something, someday—she just wasn’t quite sure what. One day, they plucked at her sleeves and led her into the world of blogging. That’s how we all ended up here.

I’m Connor—like the author. Well, one of them: Flannery O’, to be precise. She once wrote that I have to write to discover what I am doing… I don’t know so well what I think until I see what I say; then I have to say it again. That pretty much sums up anything you’ll stumble across on these pages. I usually write with my hands alternating between clacking away on my keyboard and stuck around a warming mug of tea while I stare off into the distance.

A history professor of mine once said that we could never be sure about what has happened in the past, that “all we can do is put the pieces together and add them up.” This is where I put the pieces together and add them all up.

why pimpernels? that seems a bit peculiar. I suppose it is a bit peculiar. The long and short of it is that The Scarlet Pimpernel is one of my favorite books of all time. I’m a fan of sassy comebacks and witty characters, and The Scarlet Pimpernel is rife with both.

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8 thoughts on “about the blog

  1. Hi Connor,

    I’m writing on behalf of http://www.fluxforum.com. We’re a relatively new blog that features different stories from people about their experiences growing up.

    I have been following your blog, and I really admire your writing. I was wondering if you would consider cross-posting something for our site, as a guest writer? I can send you more info if you’re interested.

    Let me know!


    Flux: Encountering Adulthood

    1. Hi Nur,

      Thanks! I’m glad you like it. I’d definitely be interested in cross-posting something to Flux, which sounds (and looks) like a pretty great idea. Please do send me some more info (there’s a contact page on my blog) and we’ll figure something out!


        1. Haha, definitely–I don’t mind at all! And yes, I did get a lot of confused stares when I was studying at TCD. Anyway, I was named after the author Flannery O’Connor. It was down to Connor or Flannery, and my parents went with Connor.

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